House Rules

  1. Our two studio managers are there to help oversee your shoot from our end, however client must have their own staff for any cleaning and labor done for your shoot, project or event. Our kitchen managers are to be provided with proper meals throughout the rental duration.
  2. Please clean all kitchen equipment and utensils that you use. For rental of any add-ons, please return all equipment in the same condition they were turned over to your team. The studio must look the same way at the end of the shoot as it was first turned over for your use.
  3. Breakage or loss of any facilities or equipment will be subject to additional cost.
  4. Upon end of the shoot, client or any member of client’s team must be out of the studio an hour after the end of studio rental duration. A one hour egress is given to you for wrap-up or clean-up and to reorganize your things and belongings. Doors of the studio will close exactly an hour after rental period ends, this is to allow our studio managers enough time to reorganize the studio.
  5. Our prop library with plates and utensils must not be used or touched at any time as this is not inclusive in the facilities for rent. Any breakage or loss of any props will be subject to additional fees.
  6. Food and ingredients that are stocked in our pantry or fridge must not be pulled out or used.
  7. Free parking is limited to 2 cars only. However a pay parking slot is available across the studio and around the
    streets for any additional cars.
  8. Ingress and egress timeslots are given to give client time to set-up and wrap-up the shoot, respectively. Our studio managers will alert client when ingress and egress time commences. Failure to wrap-up the shoot and leave the premises after the egress period has been consumed will incur additional cost, please refer to rates of additional hour extensions.
  9. We hope you enjoy your time at the Photokitchen Studio.

Ingress and Egress

  1. During Ingress, doors to the studio will be opened and client can already arrive 1 hour prior to the scheduled time. However facilities such as air conditioners, kitchen appliances and studio lights cannot be opened and used until the allotted time slot reserved by client.
  2. During Egress, doors to the studio will be closed and client is expected to leave 1 hour after the scheduled rental duration has been consumed. Air conditioners, kitchen appliances, studio lights and electrical outlets can no longer be used after the scheduled rental duration has been consumed. Should client need a time extension to use such facilities, the additional studio rental fees will apply.