What is PhotoKitchen?

PhotoKitchen, founded by Mylene Chung (@mylenechung), is the Philippines’ first and leading food photography studio in the country. We’ve been shooting and styling food for almost a decade and we’ve managed to keep our team really small and personal.

What makes you so special?

We care about our craft, our clients, and deadlines. All of our clients receive the highest quality work and on time.

How much are your rates?

We are generally on the higher side of the spectrum in the Philippines. Prices will vary according to complexity, difficulty, and other factors, so we’ll need to know your project specifications before we can send a cost estimate. Tell us about your project.

Can we negotiate the fees?

Sure, depending on the situation. If we have extra time on our hands, if you’re a startup or non-profit, or if the shoot is relatively easy to pull off, we might be able to offer better rates.

How early should I book for a shoot?

We’re usually booked 3 weeks ahead so a 3 week lead time would help. If you need something rushed, we sometimes work Sundays to get it done.

Do you take clients outside the Philippines?

Sure. Just send us photos of the dish you want, and we’ll recreate it with your specs. We’ll send you the high-resolution files online.

Do you teach food photography?

In fact we do, through a website called Tablecrafter.

How do I get started?

Use our form and send us an inquiry. We’ll respond within 24 hours during work days.

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